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2009 activities

Dawn Of War 2


Platform: PC

Version: The latest one available.

Places: 16

Format: 1vs1 BO3

Qualifier: Double bracket. Format might change depending on the number of participants.

Description: Developed by the awarded studio Relic Entertainment, Dawn of War II presents a new episode of the most wanted real time strategy series, in which players will found themselves in the most harsh war front tos ave the galaxy. 

41st century in Aurelia subsector (a bunch of worlds on the edge of the galaxy) a titanic battle is about to start. Several ancient races will collide in this area of space to fight for their own fate, not just for land and wealth.

Enphasising ETR rapad action games, Dawn of War II, starts up the sci-fi universe Warhammer 40.000 as had never been seen before. Live the close brutality of battle while you go through this epic battle. Fight your enemies in battlegrounds full of spectacular body fights. Guide your squads until you get them to be the thoughest fighting troop in the galaxy.


Competition specific rules



1. Zelkop


1. A BO3 bracket system (winners/losers) will be used. Maps will be chosen by players from those available for competition. If agreed it will be possible to choose another map, but it will have to be an under 4 players map and organisers must be previously warned.

2. Match configuration will be:

1. Map: A listed one

2. Victory: Erasement  or surrender

3. Location: Random

3. Maps to be used will be:

1. Green Tooth Gorge

2. Green Tooth Jungle

3. Siwal Frontier