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Trackmania Nations Forever


Platform: PC

Version: The latest one available

Places: 64

Format: 4 players in rounds

Qualifier: Qualifierand double brackets. Format might change depending on the number of participants.  

Description: A free game in the widest sense of the word. TrackMania Nations Forever   allows you to drive at full speed on magnificent tracks as an only placer or multiplayer. Nations Forever will offer a new   "Forever" version of the Stadium surrounding for one player and 65 new tracks of growing difficulty. TrackMania Nations Forever will gather even more players than Nations, the original version, thanks to the multiplayer modes, its innovative functions and revolutionary interaction among players..

Competition specific rules



1. Zelkop


1. Trackmania Nations Forever
The game to be used will be Trackmania Nations Forever which you can download from

2. Rules
The competition organiser keeps his right to change the rules without previous warning so as to update competition rules, maps or behaviour. Players are advised to have a look on the rules regularly for they might undergo changes.  

3. Format

1. Standard game format
Depending on the number of players a first round will be placed in a 3 tracks pack for 8 players. Each race will be awarded with a maximum of 40 points. Having completed the 3 tracks the 4 players standing a higher score will go onto the next competition step. Organisers keep their right to promote some eliminated players to the following step if there were not enough players in a group to go on with the competition.

Then, a 3 tracks pack for 4 players will be placed in round mode. Each race will be awarded a maximum of 40 points. Having completed the 3 tracks the 2 players standing a higher score will go onto the next competition step.

2. When this pack is over this will be the way to determine who the best 2 are: 

      • Highest score as a whole.
      • Highest store in the 3rd race compared to those who made a draw.
      • Additional race in an sprint in the third track. 1 warm up lap and one lap.

3. The best 2 players will go onto the next competition step. In the brackets phase the best 2 will remain in winners and the last 2 in losers.

4. Finals
The final will be played by taking the 2 winners players and the 2 finalists in the     losers bracket. They will play a 3 tracks final, two of the tracks chosen by the winners players and the third track agreed by the losers players.
The 2   winners   players  will be awarded 12 and 10 points each depending on the place they previously reached. The same thing stands for  losers players, who will be given 6 and 4 points each. 
Final classification will result from adding up the 40 points 3 tracks to the score players had previously obtained plus the points awarded for getting to the final.
Draws will be solved as in the brackets phase.