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2009 activities

Counter Strike 1.6



Platform: PC

Places: 16

Version: Steam, latest one available

Format: 5vs5

Qualifier: BO3. Format might change depending on the number of players.

Description: Undoubtedly the world number one. Based on a 5-members-team, it emulates the fight between a terrorist and antiterrorist team. While the terrorists aim to plant a bomb in certain areas, the antiterrorist  must prevent it by using several attack and defense techniques.


Specific rules for competition




1. Rounds: A total 30 rounds will be played. 15 as T and 15 as CT.

2. Round time: 1 minute and 45 seconds.

3. The team choice will be made in a knife-round. The winner chooses team.

4. Victory: The first team to win 16 rounds.

5.  Draw: Six extra rounds will be played (3 T and 3 CT)

     1-If there were another draw six more rounds would be played under the same conditions.

     2-Pay-offs will start with 10.000$. Only captains will be allowed to use say during the match.

6. If disconnection happened during a match:

     1-If the server falls (players total disconnection):

          1 Before the third round start. Match will restart.

          2 After the third round start: Result will be kept to that very moment and the match will be re-started with the same amount of money each team had. We hope no-one will cheat, anyway if a team does not agree with their opponents’ money, in eyes demos can be checked and if a team does cheat they will be considered losers, unless it was checked before re-starting.

     2. If fortuite disconnection happened or just a player fell, the affected team captain can pause the match at the end of the round. That round will count valid.

     3. If fortuite disconnection happened or two or more players in the same team fell, the affected team captain can pause the match at the end of the round. That round will NOT be valid. If the captain were the disconnected one, another player can do so.

     4. If disconnection is not fortuite the other team will get the win.

     5. Pauses cannot be made during a round, but at the end or start of them and just the affected team captain will be allowed to make them. In the same way, only the captain of the team who made the pause will be allowed to cancel it. If a member of the other team cancels it, a punishment will be applied.

7. It is compulsory for players to record a demo of the match. These can be asked both by admins. And by other team captains.


8. Reclamations:

     1- They will only be accepted at the end of a match or during a pause.

     2- Just the team captain can address to admins. or organisation members.

9. Players are not allowed to take part in different teams in the same competition.

10. It is compulsory to use a 32 bits colour depth resolution.

11. It is compulsory to use ex_interp 0.01


1.Map bugs are forbidden (ex: map swimming, skywalk, etc.)

2. Scripts are forbidden (xj: silentrun, attack+use, centerview script, norecoil script, etc.)

3. Silentrum” is allowed unless practised with mouse wheel. You have to do it with “ctrl” button.

4. "Boosting" is allowed provided:

     1- It is not used to reach places considered bugs.

     2- It is not used to peep over structures or map to watch enemies.

5.Soundless planting is not allowed.

6. Flashbang:

     1- Throwing over structures is allowed.

     2. "Flashbugs" are not allowed. Throwing “flash” under or among structures in order to get an unusual effect.

7.Forbidden any other bug admins. or organisers consider necessary.

8. Players cannot change teams before the 15 rounds are played. Is so that could mean losing the match.

9. An admin. Can ask and check players’ configuration. If rejected they could lose the match.

10. Should there be doubts… players could be asked their demos. Not delivering them could mean disqualification.

Server Configuration

Round time 1:45
Freezetime 12
Friendly Fire 1
C4 Timer 0:35
Pausable 1
Fadetoblack 1
Ex_interp 0.01