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Call of Duty 4




Platform: PC


Places: 16

Version: 1.7

MOD: S&D PROMOD LIVE match mr12

Mode: 5vs5

Qualifier: BO3. Format mEl formato puede variar dependiendo del número de inscritos.
Mapas: mp_crash  - mp_crossfire  - mp_backlot  - mp_strike  - mp_citystreets

Description: Commonly known as COD4, this is a war videogame developed by Infinity Ward. The game is about war in the middle east and Eastern Europe in current times. You might feel like A US Navy soldier or a British SAS and crumple down in a story full of unexpected tours and equipped with the latest weaponry. 

Search and destroy:
Match in turns. A team has a bomb which they must activate in any of the places defended by B team. After a player is dead he cannot appear again until the following round.


Specific rules for competition


Responsible/ Organiser



Every  match will be played with the integrated anticheat on. In order to have it on,  sv_punkbuster command must have "1"value. If the anticheat was not properly on in the server the match is being played results will be considered non-valid.

2.Every player must have updated punkbuster. So as to do so go to  enter Cod4, go to  software updates and download PBSetup.exe open it press ADD and then update, then wait and close it. 

3.Map and band

  • The team choosing the map will allow the other team to choose the band.

4.If the server failed (total disconnection)

  • If 4 complete rounds or more have been played the 12 remaining for the 1st part will be played.
  • If 3 complete rounds or less have been played the match will be re-started from the very beginning. 
  • If the server failed in the middle of the 4th round the second point will be applied.

5. Should there be casual disconnection or if 1 player failed the captain of the affected team may pause the match when the round is up. The round will be considered valid.

6.Should there be a casual disconnection or 2 or more players failed the captain of the affected team may pause the match when the round is up. The round will be considered non- valid.

7.Should there be a non casual disconnection the other team will be considered winner for forfeit. 

8.Pauses are allowed at any time , but the game will be paused at the beginning of the following round, so as to finish the pause all players will have to press "F" and be  "ready".

9.A pause per team and map are allowed.