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2009 activities

Mario Kart Wii


Platform: Wii

Version: The latest one available

Places: 64

Format: 6 participants rounds

Qualifier: Groups. Format might change depending on the number of participants.

Description: A classical renewed for Wii. You just need to grab the Wii Wheel to take the driver’s place. Swerve, air driving and motorbikes make this new Mario Kart the most complete ever.

Start your engines for Mario Kart is back, and for the first time Online.


Competition specific rules




  • Participants will play in groups of 4-6, through the internet/friends option, choosing GRAN PRIX mode (4 races a 3 laps each).
  • All 4 races will be at random. Karts y Motorbikes play equally.  
  • Final will be  2 GRAN PRIX (8 races), if there was a draw a third GRAN PRIX will be played
  • The winner will be the one who gets more points once all the races are over.