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2009 activities

Dance Dance Revolution



Platform: PS2

Version: Dancing Stage Fusion

Places: 32

Format: 1vs1

Qualifier: Direct qualifier. Format might change depending on the number of people.

Description: Left, left, right, right, forth, back,... 1, 2, 3!

Are you the Dancing Queen of your friend group? Do you feel it is unfair you are not in Fame? This is your your chance to show rythm is in your blood!

Get them all amazed by dancing and reach glory with Dancing Stage Fusion.


Specific rules for competition


  • Danonino


1. Participants will fight 1vs1 battle mode in a single theme chosen at random.

2. The song will have a normal length and the game difficulty will be increased round by round except players agree something else.

3. Semifinals and final will be played to three songs in level Difficult, two of them chosen by players and the third one at random by the game.

4. The winner will be the one who gets more points in the total three songs.