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API programming contest


Programming contest with ‘s public API service bears a public API with which developers and programmers can develop appliances to enable to watch tphotographic contains of GureGipuzkoa on any appliance, service, web, gadget etc. you might imagine.

Organized by the Culture and Basque language Department in Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa and being helped by /Euskal Encounter organization team, we have prepared this contest open for any programmer so that you can develop tools and appliances by using the GureGipuzkoa photographic contains. Chances and options are for you to decide while we prothe API: you can develop a viewer for the most voted photos, appliances for iPhone/Android/ J2ME mobiles , packs for Drupal/Joomla/Liferay... a search plugin forde Firefox to locate from the browser a photo browser for mobile gadgets and so on.

As this could be a time consuming job we do not want to limit the competition to the Gipuzkoa Encounter length.Therefore you might start developing your appliances in the Gipuzkoa Encounter and the deadline will be the Euskal Encounter 17 to be held in July in BEC Barakaldo where the mos curious, useful and innovating developments will be prized on the main stage.


These are the contest conditions:

1.Both programmers registered for Gipuzkoa/EuskalEncounter are allowed to take part.

2.The contest starts in GipuzkoaEncounter and the deadline is 26th July at12:00 am in Euskal Encounter.

3.You may use any programming language.

4.The appliance you develop will be available in a data base which we will let you know beforehand under EUPLv1.1 or NewBSD license.

5.The appliance you develop must be functional.

6.You must make a video or screencast where the general working of your appliance can be seen and upload it on EuskalTube and YouTube and let the organisers know its URL beforehand. The video must bear the guregipuzkoaapi tag.

7.Every doubt or question you might have on this contest will be solved on éste hilo del foro.

8.Organisers keep their right not to give some of the prizes.

9.Every contest participant who attends the award giving ceremony will be given a pack with containts made public by the Culture Department.

10.The best 3 appliances will get, as well as the forementioned pack, a geek-pack consisting of Nikon CoolPixP6000 camera with  GPS ,  binary clock and a  Roomba vacuum cleaner.

The jury will be made up by a well-known team of experts in the world of programming and their criteria when judging the appliances will be no way discussed.