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2009 activities




GameGune 2009 is Euskal Encounter's professional gaming competition.

In this edition Counter Strike 1.6 will be played.

It will be held inside the party premises, in a special area with exclusive PC's provided by the organization, in which the best European players will fight in equal conditions.

Each player will have to pay to enter the party, even if invited. The entrance fee will be 42 € if you book in advance, and 45 € if you pay in the very party.

There are two possible ways for you to enter this competition: either you get an invitation from the organization, or you achieve your place by winning one of the qualifiers that will take place. Should you like to get an invitation, you might contact us by e-mail in




Euskal Encounter XVII CS tournament, here you might find some information on what GameGune and its CS tournament are like, as well as some useful details about how to get there, accommodation and so on.



  GameGune 2006 taking place at Euskal Encounter 14