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2009 activities

Left 4 Dead



Platform: PC

Places: 16

Version: The latest one available

Format: 4vs4

Qualifier: Direct qualifier. Format might change depending on the number of players.

Description: 4 humans fight 4 infected who try to prevent them from getting to safe place.


Specific rules for competition




1. 4vs4

2. A complete campaign will be played and every map will have to be played playing in both bands.

3. If a player fails humans must wait for that player to come back into the server in an area where they have no risk and infected will also have to wait without attacking or committing suicide to get a combo  (3 hunters 1 smoker, 4 hunters...)

4. If all the team failed they will all speak and try to reach a fair agreement.

5. Replacements are not allowed all the match round, except if something unexpected happened and the admin decided so.

6. Both teams’ "Ready" must be waited for to start with the game; it will be necessary at the beginning of each map and whenever the band changes.

7. Using bugs is forbidden even with the loss of the match. The following actions are forbidden:

      1 .Being infected, committing suicide to get a different species from the given one before survivors have stated “Ready” and abandoned the safe area. For instance to throw yourself in the lift hole in No Mercy 5 to change from Boomer to Hunter.

      2. Being Tank, throwing rocks  through the shelter door.

      3. Being Tank, entering the shelter at the end of the map or the rescue vehicle.

      4. Being infected , ghostwise, using bugs to move faster.

      5. Being survivor, using difficult or impossible access for Tank.

      6. Being survivor, it is not allowed to escape from a Panic Event,  so they must defend the infected wave in a nearby place. For instance, the door in Blood Harvest 2 or the lift in No Mercy 4.

      7. Considered bugs short cuts are not allowed as for instance surrounding the last house in Blood Harvest 4 By jumping over the train on the left.

      8. However, as it is possible that organisers have forgotten some of the bugs, players must be aware of them all, and if it is not in these rules talk to admins so that they can make a decision on the issue.

      9. It is not allowed to block stairs by remaining on top of them unless this action is performed by a game controlled zombie.

    10. If a team loses a map due to the fact that the opponent used a bug, they will be considered winners and get all the points.

8. The following actions are allowed:

      1 .Running towards the shelter after activating the  Panic Event in Blood Harvest 3 (Once the train is going).

      2. “Instant Kill” being infected (throwing a human down a cliff)

9. Campaigns/maps:

      1. Campaign will be agreed or chosen by organisers.

      2. Band will be decided drawing lots.

      3. Map list:

    • No Mercy
    • Blood Harvest
    • Death Toll
    • Dead Air

10. Server configuration:

    • “cevo.cfg” will be used.
    • sv_pure 1
    • sv_voiceenable 1
    • sv_alltalk 0
    • tv_enable 0
    • sv_cheats 0