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2009 activities

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 


Platform: PS3

Version: The latest one available.

Places: 128

Format: 1vs1

Qualifier: Direct qualifier. Format might change depending on the number of participants.  

Description: Latest version of this successful saga. Real reproduction of every football feature, it is considered to be the best football simulator ever. It combines a wide range of movements with an exquisite control. Choose your favourite team and get ready your strategy.


Competition specific rules


1. IsvRada


1. Teams: Team election will be free for participants in the competition, so it can be either a selection or a club. A team change will also be possible for the following round.

2. Direct qualifier in just one match.

3.General adjustements:

    • Match mode: Exhibition
    • Entry scene: No
    • Difficulty: Advanced
    • Local and visitor: No
    • Non local goal: No
    • Match type: Extra time (Yes) // Penalty point (Yes)
    • Allowed changes: Three (3)
    • Injury: No
    • Match length Ten (10) minutes.
    • Weather: Random
    • Season: Summer
    • Weather conditions: Random
    • Pitch: Random
    • Referee: Random
    • Ball type: Random
    • Ball effect: No
    • Starting line up choice: Local - No
    • Starting line up choice: Visitor - No
    • Condition: L Green arrow
    • Condition: V Green arrow
    • Supporters behaviour: Neutral
    • Viewers number: Local - Three (3) star
    • Viewers number: Visitor - Three (3) star
    • Game frame: Exhibition
    • Camera: Long predefined
    • Radar: On the botton of the screen
    • Players cursor: Default

4 .Pause per match: Unlimited having warned the organisers.

5. Matches: Once participants aknowledge who their opponent is they will have to play the match in one of the consoles not in use.