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Do you have an uncanny ability to see the resemblance between your friends and celebrities? If so, this is your contest.


  • Look among the Euskal Encounter participants and find someone that looks like a celebrity, and take a picture of him/her (ask for permission first).
  • Find a photo of the celebrity that he or she looks like. The celebrity does not need to be real.
  • Make a new picture with both photos side by side. Having trouble? Download our template here.
  • Upload your photo to the Intranet before Saturday 20:00 pm.
Rules for participants:

You must supply your file in either gif, png, or jpg format; retouched photos are not allowed, nor are drawings or 3D elements.

Your photo must be original and unpublished. We'll value the similarity between your photo and the famous character or person.

Do not forget to include your name/nick and post at the party. The videos will be screened on Saturday night. The Organisers reserve the right not to screen those productions whose contents are offensive (specifically, ours) or are deemed to be inappropriate.