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Local network and access to the internet



We are facing the challenge to create the LAN for Euskal Encounter, in its 22nd edition. We shall interconnect 4,096 users' places, and the necessary servers for all the services provided at the party to run correctly.

Thanks to the HP ProCurve Switches we will have a 20.000 megabits (20 Gb) per second connection speed.

The LAN must be ready in a week time and be 100% useful at least for 5 days, bearing unusual efforts for a conventional LAN. In order to do this we are relying on the best partners in the market.

Customers engineering department in Euskaltel

Access to the most advanced interconnection elements in the market is granted. Customers engineering department in Euskaltel will lend us their professional service so that the net displayed at Euskal Encounter works properly.

Data Servers

Servers to support such a demanding network require an excellent quality, which in this case is brought by HP, repeating last edition's sponsorship. HP will furnish the party with servers capable of offering every network service in the party, such as Intranet, FTP, and so on.

Access to the Internet

Euskaltel will supply access to the Internet. We will have 20 Gbps of internet access.