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Scene is an international digital art movement that emphasize on computer technology as just another medium that can transport ideas and styles, show off skills and express opinions etc.. Mainly, there are three parts: digital image, digital music and code programming.

Take part in the competition with your creation.


How to take part in the Scene

flecha_verde General Entry Rules
flecha_verde Competition computer
flecha_verde Jurado para la escena



**Money prizes will undergo due tax deduction**

For more information about the prizes see the general rules.

Competition Prizes**
  1 2 3
Open Demo Compo 1.400,00 500,00 200,00
Open Intro Compo 600,00 250,00 100,00
Open Game Compo 600,00 250,00 100,00
3D Animation 600,00 250,00 100,00
High Quality Music 300,00 130,00 70,00
Multichannel 300,00 130,00 70,00
2D graphics 300,00 130,00 70,00
3D graphics 300,00 130,00 70,00
Wild Compo 250,00(the most creative) 250,00(the most technical)  

Lisence for work presentation
Work presentation will be made under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license. No matter the author points any other license or none.

Places for Sceners
So that Sceners presence in this event will be relevant, they will be located near the main screen beside other Scene members.



Open demo compo
    1. ASD "Mrs eschers nightmare"
    2. Software Failure "Mind floating palace"
    3. Purples Studios "Stress fracture"
    4. Kiwiscene "Undersea"
    5. Debvgger "Achromatia"
Open intro compo
    1. Software Failure "Flow my programs"
    2. Debvgger "He codes hard for money"
Open game compo
    1. Valnar "Hauntrix"
    2. Larax "Euskal Encounter: The great adventure"
    3. Achifaifa "Kirino"
    4. Skillath "Shiteroids"
    5. Granaino "The core"
    6. Turritopsis, Hettar, Dani & Otaku "Euskal Tower Defense"
    7. Soltan "Memecalipsis now"
    8. EroGeArs "Awakening"
    9. Inkoia "Skruzd"
    10. Nagorro "En busca del pikacosplay"
    11. Loberti "Death Star Assaolt"
3D Animation
    1. Kushif "La criatura"
    2. Slynahi "Ciudad sin gente"
    3. Inkoia "Fly out of there"
    4. Mluq "Epilepsia 2"
    5. Nexus6 "Tacon punta tacon"
Wild compo (más técnica)
    1. Mluq "Pollanegra"
    2. Maitane "Eggstory"
    3. Duud "Ship"
Wild compo (más creativa)
    1. Mluq "Pollanegra"
    2. Maitane "Eggstory"
    3. Duud "Ship"
3D graphics
    1. Mikel Beltza "Escena 3D"
    2. Jorge Nieves "La habitación"
    3. Toxsam "The scape"
    4. Yan-nick "Campo de fuerza"
    5. Daniel Sánchez "Estanque de patos sobre tostada poderosa"
    6. Van Fenrir "Sorry, but your princess is not in the f@#$&%g castle"
    7. Iñigo "Rincon Euskal"
    8. Duud "Motorbike concept"
    9. Leire Ramirez "Balcón victoriano"
    10. Matzubitzu "Kimono"
    11. Mluq "Hombre árbol"
    12. Robert Soto "Zombie"
    13. Yas "Tim"
2D graphics
    1. Paoluszoz "Finta Phyxeriana"
    2. Xabi Gaztelua "Dark Knight"
    3. Noelz1 "Mother"
    4. Matzubitzu "DJ"
High quality music
    1. Joan Hayden "Requien for fears"
    2. NEtbuRNER "Roses on the grave"
    3. MSC & KDabra "Organic city"
    4. Aki "Vuelve a amanecer"
    5. Muglo "One Step"
    6. Irigo56 "We ´ll talk it tomorrow"
    7. Stage7 "Get your bits in motion"
    8. Perruki "Space pinneaple"
    9. Voltergeist "Fly away"
    10. GallZ "Intercommunication"
    11. Mluq "Mluq esta foll"
    12. Nothing "No reason for the flow"
    1. NetbuRNER "The final lap"
    2. Aki "Bubbles"
    3. Perruki "Chipstep"
    4. Debvgger "My little dragon"
    5. Software Failure "These cranky circuits"
    6. Uruchi "Hello world"
Fast 3D
    1. Mikel Beltza Fast 3D
    2. Paol Fast 3D
    3. Paoluszoz Fast 3D
    4. Toxsam Fast 3D
    5. Cesar Fast 3D
Fast 2D
    1. NikaVS Fast 2D
    2. Perezoso Fast 2D
    3. Noel Fast 2D
    4. Miren Fast 2D
    5. Amon-Amok Fast 2D
    6. Ozimandias Fast 2D
    7. Nagorro Fast 2D
    8. Paoluszoz Fast 2D
    9. Yamaneko Fast 2D
    10. Inthenite Fast 2D
Fast music
  1. MSC Fast Music
  2. NEtbuRNER Fast Music
  3. Aki Fast Music
  4. Klandes Fast Music
  5. Dark on five Fast Music
  6. Mluq Fast Music
  7. ZKT Team Fast Music