2D graphics

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2D graphics

Maximum resolution: 1280x1024

Maximum color density: 24 bits.

Allowed formats: PNG (recommended) and GIF.

The entry might be created with software such as GIMP, MyPaint, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Painter, etc...

Along with the entry or final step, the author must include a minimum number of 10 previous working stages. The steps must be named this way: if the drawing is titled FOOBAR.PNG, the steps will be named FOOBAR01.PNG, FOOBAR02.PNG... FOOBAR10.PNG and FOOBAR11.PNG if including 10 steps, where FOOBAR01.PNG is the oldest stage, the "draft", and FOOBAR11.PNG is the finished entry. Working stages will be shown both to the jury and the general public.

First the final step will be shown, then the steps from start to end, until the last step is shown again. Scanned, digitalised, "repixellated" pictures or collages are not allowed.

No 3D elements allowed in this compo (assets made with software such as Maya, Blender, 3d Studio Max, Imagine, etc, etc)

Only one entry per group or author will be allowed.



Euskal 21: Ozimandias "Femme fatale"