Kigurumi Fest

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Kigurumi Fest (LipDub)

This has become a “pyjama catwalk”, only nowadays checked flannel ones are just worn by Hipsters or grannies. But we are not going to discriminate against anyone wearing knitted pyjamas xD

And what about all of us recording a LipDub as we are all looking so great? I will hand out lines of a song, and in couples, trios or how you like and at random areas of the party, we will record you mongering, I mean "singing” and then put them all together and see what we get.

We will meet up on Thursday at 6.30 p.m. on the stage as the starting point, please lose your embarrassment and come appropriately got up for the occasion, as any contribution is fine.

With 46 votes, the winner is...... THE FOX