Euskal Encounter Z

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Euskal Encounter Z

First of all, we are 900 already!
We know you like  Zombies.  Who doesn’t like Zombies!

Well get ready, there will be a Zombie hoard rampaging through Euskal Encounter for several hours this year. MUAHAHAHA (mainly at the Opengune and the carpark).  Your mission is to flee from them without getting killed in the attempt while looking for clues and completeing the different tasks so you can reach the shelter in time to be rescued (don't forget the Doctor!). But it is not just about running fast, but also about performing. Whether you make the ultimate sacrifice for the group shouting "Save yourselves!", faking a horrible death when you are infected or helping a frightened girl puting your self in danger...

If they infect you, don’t worry.  You can get your revenge by killing other survivors.  Go to makeup, get your new identifier and have a great time! There will be someone from the ORG to help the newcomers.

SIGN UP NOW!! (only 1€ for party attendants).

From around 5.00 p.m. on Saturday (we will let you know the meeting point later on). Wear comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Any contribution to make it more realistic is welcome, there will be many different prizes for the best ones.
First Blood
Best Group Costume
Best Short recorded during the event
Special Prize for the Survivors

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