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Fast FOSS Game

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Fast FOSS Game

Dust off your inner gamer!There will be a new activity, organised by the Free Software and Scene divisions, this year.We will put a topic on the table during Euskal and you will have to develop a free game in the time set.Of course, the game will have to be usable on GNU/Linux system, all the resources, libraries and/or frameworks used must be free software, and the result must be able to be licensed under a OSI free licence (or a combination of several compatibles).  We will showcase all the games on the large screen!

The games will be tested on an updated Arch Linux system with GPU Intel.Any package in the main Arch Linux repository can be used as dependency, provided you indicate so in README.  HTML5 games can also be entered and they will be tested on the latest version of Chromium available in the repository.The results must be delivered in source code format, together with a list of necessary dependencies and compilation instructions.

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