What shall I need

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What shall I need

Each attendant can bring their own computer, works done using it, programs, games, utilities and of course the last Demos.

Nobody should expect to find a free computer to copy graphics or demos presented in the party.

Another important thing is that each attendant must carry their computer ready to plug in a single socket; this means that it's necessary to carry a plug adaptor. Additionally, each user has to be self-independent; the organization can lend you neither screens, mice, nor other gadgets.

Very important: The Organization can not be made responsible for the breaking, stealing nor deterioration of any part of your equipment.

You might come without your computer, but we thoroughly advise you not do, for on one hand it is bound to be more boring, and in the other hand we are all interested in having the highest number of computers installed in the party place, i.e. up to 4,096 in this edition.

Take care of your computer's security


... and thus the security of everyone. In a LAN with 4,096 computers lots of things can happen, so we remind you that network security is a matter of everyone and you must prepare your computer accordingly. Some steps you should check are:

  • Install a personal Firewall on your PC.
  • Install the latest security fixes for your operating system and applications.
  • Keep your antivirus software up-to-date and check often that you don't have a virus, worm, trojan or any other evilware.
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