Party Activities

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Party Activities


Digital Creativity

It is art for the computer age. It is embodied in three major areas: creating digital images, digital music and programming. We divide it into two areas: Digital Art and Demoscene.

Take part in the competition with your creation.


Modding, apart from modificating, changing and personalising equipments, components peripherics and even their standing furniture, is also an activity which joins creativity and skill together. So as to share and enjoy it, this section has been created.

Free software

Euskal Encounter cannot, and indeed, does not want to let down a steadily growing movement in the computer world such as Free software. And thus, this year we will also be having related competitions.


Take part and challenge your friends in a very wide range of competitions in this Euskal Encounter edition. You can't afford to miss out!

Other activities

Whether you are a scener, you are a gamer, you like modding or you don’t fit into any category… This is also for you! All you have to do is leave your inhibitions at home.

Talks and workshops

Once again Euskal Encounter offers the most interesting talks and workshops.

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