Euskal Enkounter 16

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As had we last year, in the present edition we will have a very important guest: a Mainframe architecture Data Processing Centre.

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It is not true that enjoyement lies only in the amount of megahertz, gigabyte or megapixel. That is why RetroEuskal is back in Euskal Encounter; to fill it with the most retro, obsolete and old fashioned in the computer world. Come to the RetroEuskal area in Bexitec and take up this fascinating liking.

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Show us your flair for music with the Singstar Pop & Latino games.

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Guitar Hero

The latest in music simulation. Guitar Hero allows you to turn into one of the best guitarists ever.

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DDR: Dance Dance Revolution (DDR)

Dance simulation which is controlled through feet. Your dance classes at school will be at no avail unless you are also able to follow the coreography shown by arrows on screen.

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Film dubbing

If you believe the most celebrated scenes in the film history are better when comical dubbing appears, this is the contest for you.

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Photography contest

Every participant can send us a photo exclusively related to the party.

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Mascot contest

Have you got the best mascot in all the partyplace? The nicest? The most original? Do show and be proud of it.

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CD and DVD throw

The party wouldn’t just be the party without this traditional contest.

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Bags race

Should you need any explanation on how this contest works, you are just not prepared for it.

Further information contests proposes us two more contests for this edition: the frikiest computer and the funniest video. have a look and take part.

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Concert by Meneo

On Saturday 26th, at 10.00 pm on the main stage.

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For the second time and getting more and more followers time and time again we will be playing the freakiest quiz in the party. Should you believe you have a wide range of knowledge (remember the good freak must know about everything) be aware of the incoming news and sign in for our Frikitest. Amusement is granted.

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We don’t really think we need to esplain what an emoticon is. Yes, indeed, those nice faces imitating real ones that were produced to make life easier in forum, chats or e-mails. But now we will turn it upside down.

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Air Guitar

On Friday evening do as your favourite guitarrists to the rythm of the music on the Euskaltel  stage… but without a guitar.

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Cosplay competition

Take out your best suit from that old wardrobe, for on Saturday at 8.00 pm on Esukaltel’s stage we will have our cosplay competition.

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