Euskal Enkounter 16

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2008 activities




It is not true that enjoyement lies only in the amount of megahertz, gigabyte or megapixel. That is why RetroEuskal is back in Euskal Encounter; to fill it with the most retro, obsolete and old fashioned in the computer world. Come to the RetroEuskal area in Bexitec and take up this fascinating liking.


These are the activities for this year’s edition:

 (find more details on contents and timetable here)

Giant retrogame

Space Invaders was designed and programmed by Toshihiro Nishikado for Taito in 1978. In order to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this classical game, RetroEuskal 2008 invites everyone to a party where every Euskal Encounter 2008 attendant will be able to do something to destroy the enemy.

Once you get your accreditation badge and you install your computer on the table you will find there a ticket with which you will be able to take part in our Space Invaders party.

Will Earth defenses be able to stop invading hordes? Will space invaders destroy defence spacecrafts and hand over the planet? One of the two bands winning is in your hands! 

Videoconsole museum

This year the RetroEuskal museum is dedicated to the history and evolution of videoconsoles. You will be able to watch and learn about the history of elecronic leisure which entered our homes more than 30 years ago. From the very first console to…


8 and16 bit computers which never stopped evolution thanks to the users’ communities. If you met them then come to enjoy them again, and if you don’t happen to have ever had one of them meet them now and have a game. All the party round in the Retroeuskal stand. 

Invited workshops and talks

Whether you are a retrocomputing amateur or you are just taking up this activity, RetroEuskal organises workshops and talks that might interest you. 


“Hobby" takes video game culture in Japan as a start, with the launching of Nintendo’s Wii as backcurtain, and extends it with wird characters and singular places. It was first shown in the last Malaga Festival, and it achieved the first prize in the ZonaZine Section.

After showing this 50 minute long documentary there will be a talk in which the director, Ciro Altabás, will take part (he is also known for "Made in Japan" and "DVD").


A knowledge and debate area on retrocomputing.

This year we are proposing a talk related to the past, present and future of videogames at home, through the world of consoles.

“Dr.Retro’s morgue”

If your elderly toy is worn out, or it needs mending but you never thought you would be able to do it, you were pulmb wrong. Take your old 8 bit computer and any tools you have and we will help you fix it or improve its features with the latest hardware.

8bits graphics competition

Did you know that technical limitations may be overcome by using creativity and skill?

In order to prove so, here you are a competition which has been organised altogether by RetroEuskal and the Scene.

The following are the rules this competition will abide by:

Each artist will only be able to present one work for the competition.

They will have to send an executable file with the completed graphics allowing to be run both on the emulator and on the real machine, as well as five previous steps and a .PING or TIF. file.

Add your name, Nick, group or platform to the screen.

Remote participation will also be allowed for those who are not present at the party, so we will accept works sent via Email to which is also the reference address should you have any doubt or questions.

The 8 bit time

The demoescene will be on the main screen as well as other retrocomputing related videos.

“What you can see out there and still amazes us”


Is there no rival for you at skill proofs? And what if we propose you even more difficult ones? Would you dare? If you wish to have a good time these are the olympic games you are looking for. No matter you are a retromaniac or not.

Classical videogames tournament

How many times did you save The Earth from alien invasion? How many princesses did you rescue from a cursed castle? When did you complete your last lap in LeMans?

Only this RetroEuskal tournament will decide whether you are the joystick master with classical videogames that never go out of fashion.

Interplatform brotherhood lunch

It is great coming to the Euskal Encounter, but it is even better to sit around a table with people sharing your very liking. Come with us to this traditional lunch where only having a good time is compulsory.