Euskal Enkounter 16

Organiza Fundación Euskaltel

2008 activities

DDR: Dance Dance Revolution (DDR)




Dance simulation which is controlled through feet. Your dance classes at school will be at no avail unless you are also able to follow the coreography shown by arrows on screen.


Participants can give their names through the games intranet from the official beginning of the encounter until Saturday at 11.00 am. when the coupling will be decided. The matches timetable will be made public through the games intranet, and results can be seen after matches in that very page.


Where and when


Qualifying rounds will be played in the consoles area on Saturday from 11.00 am on and semifinals and final from 5.00 pm on.


Game mode


Individual, 32 participants. The competition type will be direct elimination. Participants will play one against the other versus type with just one theme random chosen. Difficulty level will be standard (4-5 feet).

Semifinals and final will be played to 3 songs, two of which will be chosen by participants and the third one at random. The winner will be the one to get the more points in the three songs.



1st Motorola V9

2nd Motorola Z6