Euskal Enkounter 16

Organiza Fundación Euskaltel

2008 activities

Film dubbing


If you believe the most celebrated scenes in the film history are better when comical dubbing appears, this is the contest for you. Are you capable of continuing the work once made famous Florentino Fernández? If it is so, go on reading.

We will give you 3 scenes from 3 different films, one minute long each at the longest, with no audio at all. On your own or with the help of your friends, you must play the stars’ part, as well as the special effects. Don’t play it wrong, we want no other Spielberg, we just want you to make us laugh. Download the scenes from our FTP and upload your version before Saturday at 10.00 pm.

You just need a microphone an a bit of imagination to make your own video. If you don’t know how to add audio tracks to video ones you might look up this Windows booklet  (we assume Linux fans can do this type of thing). There is no limit, so you can send as much videos as you feel like.

Videos will be played on screens. Organisers have the right not to play some of the videos, should they go against good taste.



1st 300 €

2nd 150 €

3rd 75 €