Euskal Enkounter 16

Organiza Fundación Euskaltel

Previous editions

Euskal Encounter 15


Barakaldo, 20th-23rd July, 2007

The 15th edition of Euskal Encounter taking place between 20 and 23 July, has covered more than 35,000 square metres in BEC, Barakaldo. Space in which the interconnected computers have had the unbelievable amount of 8 Gigabit/s of Internet access.

Euskal Encounter 14


22th-25th July, 2006

5,750 attendants in Barakaldo

Once and again, and thus it is the 14th edition of Euskal Encounter the one taking place in BEC (Barakaldo) betwwen 22 and 25 July, they have shown this computer party is always up to everyone’s expectations. 5.750 attendants and 3.150 computers running altogether, turned it the ideal place for the latest technology, the best didactical communication and unimaginable atmosphere to gather at the very start of the summer.

Euskal Encounter 13


22nd-25th July, 2005

5,500 attendants in Barakaldo

The 13th edition of Euskal Encounter, which happens to be the oldest computer meeting in Spain, was held with 5.500 people attending and up to 3.072 computers in action. The friendly entertainment atmosphere created by the organization suggested social activities was a really remarkable milestone.

Euskal Encounter 12


22th-25th July, 2004

5,000 attendants in Bilbao

The 12th edition of Euskal Encounter with its excellent Local Area Network assuring a high quality service to over 2,500 computers and over 5,000 attendants was a big success. Many high level productions were brought and so year and year again Euskal Encounter shows its capability.

Euskal Encounter 11


24th-27th July, 2003

4,000 attendants in Bilbao

The 11th edition of Euskal Encounter was the most important event in Spain and a must-be-there for european events. GameGune, offering the best prizes in Europe, and the Scene area, movement's main meeting place in Spain. It gave attendants unexpected levels of enjoyment and participation by joining together 4,000 attendants and more than 2,100 computers.

Euskal 10


25th-28th July, 2002

2,600 attendants in San Sebastian

The 10th edition of Euskal party has been the greatest Spanish scene & game event ever. With about 2,500 attendants and 1,700 computers. This edition experienced a rise both in quality an quantity of productions presented to competitions.

Euskal 9


26th-29th July, 2001

2,000 attendants in Vitoria-Gasteiz

The 9th edition of Euskal party has been the greatest Euskal ever, with about 2,000 attendants and about 1,200 computers. This edition can be named as balanced for although fewer productions were presented than in the previous edition, quality was much higher this year.

Euskal 8


22th-25th July, 2000

1,600 attendants in Bilbao

About 1,600 lovers of computer sciences met each other at Euskal 8, turning into a gather point where cultures of any kind have room, not only traditional DOS, Windows and Linux users, but also BeOS and Macintosh enthusiasts. Anyone is welcome to our party, because this is people's party; our attendants have raised Euskal to its current state.

Euskal Party 7


23th-25th July, 1999

1,200 attendants in San Sebastián

Euskal Party 7 was the melting pot for 1,200 computer freaks, and for more other people that met us by daily visits and through the internet. It was a gathering of all kinds of computer users; programmers, gamers, graphicians, musicians, linuxers, ...