Euskal Encounter

BEC Bizkaia 22-25 July 2011
euskaltel fundazioa

Dubbing competition

Should you believe many adds and films are better when comical dubbing appears, this is the contest for you. Are you capable of continuing the work once made famous Florentino Fernández? If it is so, go on reading.

We will give you several videos (films, adds, videoclips) with no audio at all. On your own or with the help of your friends, you must play the stars’ part, as well as the special effects or change the songs’ lyrics. Don’t play it wrong, we want no other Spielberg, we just want you to make us laugh. Download the originals from our FTP and deliver your version at our control set on Sunday between 9:00 pm and 10:00 pm.

You just need a microphone an a bit of imagination to make your own video. If you don’t know how to add audio tracks to video ones you might look up this Windows booklet (we assume Linux fans can do this type of thing). There is no limit, so you can send as much videos as you feel like.

Videos will be played on screens. Organisers have the right not to play some of the videos, should they go against good taste.


Cosplay competition - Euskal Encounter 18

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Main screen projections

During the event different intro and demo projections will be made, including works for retro platforms such as 8bits or AMIGA.

Phase One by Capsule, projected during Euskal 9

Help us in the works projection
Should you wish to helpus with your own works or others’, or what is more, should you like to prepare a projection sesion, do not hesitate and contact us.

Local network and internet access

Once again we will be offering a high speed network thanks to the effort of volonteers and partner corporations.Further information