Euskal Encounter

BEC Bizkaia 22-25 July 2011
euskaltel fundazioa


Have you got talent as a director of shorts? And can you do it against the clock? Don’t think twice – participate in FastMobileMovie!

To take part you need to record a short film (maximum length 3 minutes) with a digital camera or mobile phone, with a script that fits the theme we propose in the party on Saturday morning. Present your short film – which must be new and original -  in Control on Saturday between 21:00 and 22:00. We will particularly value the script, originality and technical quality. Remember that photomontage, 3D elements and drawings from digitalisation will not be permitted.

Together with the work presented you must include a file named "info.txt", with the following information:


Nick and position:


Date and hours of production:

Device used to shoot the short:


Cosplay competition - Euskal Encounter 18

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Main screen projections

During the event different intro and demo projections will be made, including works for retro platforms such as 8bits or AMIGA.

Phase One by Capsule, projected during Euskal 9

Help us in the works projection
Should you wish to helpus with your own works or others’, or what is more, should you like to prepare a projection sesion, do not hesitate and contact us.

Local network and internet access

Once again we will be offering a high speed network thanks to the effort of volonteers and partner corporations.Further information