Euskal Encounter

Organiza Fundación Euskaltel

2009 activities


Demos for PC, Amiga, Mac and Java will be accepted in this compo. See details in compo machine page.

Max. size: 64 MB descompressed in ZIP or TGZ.

It must run in the compo machine in order to participate. See related section for more information.

Although the demo can be longer, only the first 10 minutes will be shown.

Under windows we will have the latest version of directx installed libraries (d3dx9_24.dll a d3dx9_40.dll).

The authors of the production should have the music's author's permission in order to use his music. Music format does not matter. The Jury will have the right to disqualify a demo only because of the music it replays, if necessary.

The demo should work without being able to write to HD. In case it needs so, the file will be written to the operating system's temporary directory.

It must be able to stop the demo with the ESC key, or the left mouse button (only for Amiga), otherwise it will be disqualified.

It must run without root (Linux/Mac) or Administrator (Windows) privileges.