Euskal Encounter

Organiza Fundación Euskaltel

Car park


As in previous editions we have reached agreement with BEC so that we can offer attendants cheaper parking facilities.

This time we will use BEC's usual car park.

Once attendants have parked their cars they'll have to take the lift in order to go to the check-in desk. Once checked in they will get to the party place using the mechanical stairs or by lift.

You can choose between two payment forms:

1.- Paying for the parking time through the machines in the entrance aisle, so you get out by the usual way in a public car park.

2.- Purchasing a ONE-USE ticket at the accreditation area (only available at their opening times) or from the people that will be made available for this on the last day of the party. You will have to insert the original entrance ticket on the validating machines (those with the toll barrier) FIRST, and then the ticket you have bought. Afterwards the barrier will rise and you will be allowed out. This ticket’s price will be 6 €.

Anyway, it is necessary always to keep the entrance ticket for you will not be allowed out without it.