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Screen rental


As in previous editions, this year we will also have a screen rental service for those who apply for it.
This year we will rent 17" TFT screens.
The price of the rental service for the four days of the party is 45 €. When the party ends the ones who rented a screen will have to put it back.
The booking of a screen is done in the extranet. Those of you who already have your seat booked and paid will from now on have a new option in your extranet reservation section in order to rent a screen.
There are 40 screens available for renting, and applications will be admitted as they are handed in.

Rules of the screen rental service

  1. The rented screens will be new ones, not used ones.
  2. You will be provided with the screen, the power cord and the VGA cord.
  3. When the party ends you will have to give the screen and the two cords back in the place where the ORG tells you to and in the same packaging they were handed in. The screens that are not brought back in the prooper place will be considered lost or stolen and the person who rents the screen will be hold the sole responsible.
  4. During the party the person renting the screen is the sole responsible for it.
  5. You can decide to rent a screen or change your mind and cancel your booking until July 10th. In order to cancel a booking write to
  6. The service will be paid as soon as you check-in to the party and get your screen.
  7. The people who assist you with the check-in will be notified by the system if you booked a screen. If you don't get your screen or if you refuse to pay for its rental after having booked it you will not be accepted in the party.