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This year we'll have 4,096 seats for computers.

The party ticket gives the right for a place for a computer, power supply (one plug for each computer) and connection to LAN and Internet. It isn't necessary to bring the computer; in such a case no place for computer will be reserved.

The entrance fee:

GameGune participants will also have to buy an entrance ticket for each clan member.

Sign up reservation open from 4th March on. As from this date it will be possible create a new user, gain access to system and organize reservation groups.

If you have any problem with your reservation or the extranet system, please contact

For further information on the signing u procedure

Ticket reservation step-by-step

- Create a new user. Those who have a Gipuzkoa Encounter or Euskal Ecounter 11 forth user may also use it for Euskal Ecounter 17, so that they don't have to create a new one.

- Gain access to system and register the user by filling the signing up data in the "preinscription" area which is inside "Reservations".

In "Reservation state" the way in which the reservation is is shown. If the reservation system has started it will be possible to make it, being able to choose between a group reservation or an individual one.

Group reservation

  1. First, each group member must fill in party preinscription form.
  2. Someone (the group admin) creates a group and gives it's name and password to his/her friends.
  3. Friends join the group using password given by group admin.
  4. When reservation starts, group admin reserves place for the entire group. Nobody can join the group anymore, thus it will be necessary to contact if the group were closed mistakenly.
  5. Group admin does the payment for the ENTIRE group in a single bank transference (she/he will receive the necessary data to perform payment on the mail account provided when signing up.
  6. Group admin receives confirmation-of-payment email.
  7. Group admin chooses where in partyplace will seat the group.
  8. Group members choose each one his own seat out of group's seats.

Individual reservation

  1. Perform booking by receiving by e-mail the necessary data to complete payment.
  2. Complete payment through bank transfer.
  3. Once you have received a payment confirmation e-mail you might be able to choose the exact place you want to have in the party (if when signing up you stated you were coming with your own computer).

Using any of the above methods, you'll be able to select your seat in the partyplace only after we receive your payment and confirm your reservation. Group admins will choose seats for all the group and each group member will be able to select its place out of group's seats.

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Procedure to give your ticket back

It's important that those of you who finally won't be able to come to the party give your seat reservation back. If you do so we will be able to assign your seat to other people that wanted to come to the party but didn't get a seat on time.

Backgivings will be made taking the cancellation confirmation date into account.

  • Until 30th June - 30€.
  • From 1st July to 14th July - 20€.
  • From 15th to 21st July, an Euskal Encounter 17 t-shirt.

To start this process write to with the word "DEVOLUCION" in the subject of the e-mail.

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Participate in Gipuzkoa Encounter and Euskal Encounter

It is necessary to register for both parties

  • If you don't have a user, fill in the due form and using the user and password you will be given, you will be able to gain access to the system.
  • If you already have a user, you can gain access directly.
  • Sign up for each of the parties, indicating wether you are coming to the other party (compulsory).
  • In the entrance reservation time you will be allowed in the system again so that you can book for both. Then you will receive an e-mail with the information needed to do your payment.
  • If you do your reservation for both parties the entrance fee will be:
    -In the very party...........55 €
    -Book in advance............52 €
  • After confirmation of your payment, you will be able to gain access to the system and choose your seat for both parties.
  • If eventually you won't be able to attend one or both of them backgiving will be made taking the cancellation confirmation date into account.
           - Cancellation for Gipuzkoa Encounter:

           Until 29th Abril - 5€.

           - Cancellation for Euskal Encounter:

           Until 14th July - 20€.

           From 15th to 21st July - an Euskal Encounter 17 t-shirt.


           If it is a group reservation

  1. Within the preinscription period you will be able to create or join a group.
  2. The group administrator will have to make reserbationsand the duepayment for the whole group.
  3. Once the reservation is done, he will receive an e-mail with information to complete the payment as weel as its total amount. The resultingamount will depend on the situation of each member of the group considering what follows:
           Gipuzkoa Encounter reservation
  • 32,00€ per person attending only Gipuzkoa Encounter
  • 52,00€ per person attending both parties. (as payment is done altogether)
           Euskal Encounter reservation
  • 42,00€ per person attending only  Euskal Encounter.
  • 0,00€ per person attending both parties (as payment was donealtogether when paying forGipuzkoa Encounter).

           After the payment confirmation the group administrator will receive an e-mail and will ghain access to the system (of the party in which he manages the group) so that he will be able to choose the seatsthey will have.

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