Euskal Encounter

Organiza Fundación Euskaltel

Participation rules for attendants

Both the premises and any material needed to hold this event have been hired. You are expected to take into account that everything should be left just the way you found it.

The place will remain open 24 hours a day, allowing us to go in and out whenever we like, even at night. Every time we want to enter we will have to use our ticket in the vice so make sure you keep it with you all the time. Bear in mind that it's not allowed to make too much noise in the Euskal Place at night.

If anyone should like to take computers out of the premises before the party is ended, they will be asked for their personal ID card, so that we can keep in check who took out what.

Smoking and drinking alcohol are forbidden inside the BEC premises, even in the café. A special outdoor area will be prepared for smokers between pabillions 3 and 5.

During the party, you may not use individual speakers connected to computers nor individual music equipment. The only environmental music allowed will be the one providen by the organization through a sound system, and participants should use headphones in order to listen to music or sound effects belonging to their working productions or games played.

Not being able to control that every attendant behaves correct and respectfully to others, which anyway should be the natural thing to do, we don't expect to have any added trouble to the ones that are particular to this type of event caused by attendants misbehaviour; not withstanding the fact that should anything be broken, should there be much noise or general misbehaviour we might be facing the local council not allowing us to finish the party and of course no longer being able to organise it here.

In this sense we shall not doubt the least in expelling misbehaving attendants, making them pay the damage caused or even calling in the police if required.

While playing the presented works in the party, it will be forbidden to make any noise, sound or music that could bother the audience. In case of repeatedly breaking this rule, the organization keeps its right to make the author of the noise stop it, and even to expel them from the party.

As you know, copying programs whose license doesn't allow it is a crime, so we ask attenders to refrain from bringing copies of such programs to the party. Of course you can copy at the Party works done by every group or independent people in the party place, and any software that allows copying such as Free Software, Shareware or Freeware.

Last but not least, do remember that the network is a common infraestructure that everyone must take care of. Anyone that tries or produces a network malfunction, for example because of having a DHCP server running on their machine or the introduction of viruses or worms, will be sactioned. Do not forget to scan your computer for viruses, to install the latest security fixes and to check that you have not a DHCP server installed before connecting to the party network.

Sanction procedure

When an attendant has broken one of the rules of the party as in the website, the offending attendant will receive a warning. Rules include:

  1. Smoking is forbidden in the party premises.
  2. Drinking alcohol is forbidden in the party premises.
  3. Taking drugs is forbidden in the party premises.
  4. Using speakers or any other sound element connected to computer is forbidden.
  5. Making noise while competition works being projected is forbidden.
  6. No form of verbal or physical agression will be accepted.
  7. It is compulsory to wear the entrance ticket in the party premises.
  8. Plugging household-electrics in the computer area is forbidden.
  9. Touching party's network switches, manipulating wires or changing them to another switch is strictly forbidden.
  10. Producing local network malfunction is forbidden.

Sanction will vary depending on the warning received:

  1. First warning: no action, just a warning.
  2. Second warning: 3 hours out of the party.
  3. Third warning: permanently out of the party.

Such conditions are accepted by the attendants when requesting entrance to the party. If someone who has received two or three warnings refuses to exit the party court, our security service will be notified.

When a second warning occurs, offending attendant's entrance ticket will be removed and his ID number saved. When the 3 hours have passed, attendant will be able to get back his ticket at the entrance, after showing his ID card.