Euskal Encounter

Organiza Fundación Euskaltel

2009 activities

Counter Strike 1.6.

Competition rules



32 clans are bound to participate in this competition.

A Group and Double-Bracket system will be followed.
It will consist of 8 groups, each formed by 4 clans.
Afterwards a Double-Bracket System will follow for the two first qualified clans in every group

"Counter Strike GUI"



Competition will take place on 23, 24 and 25 July, and matches are thought to be starting at 11.00 am. Nevertheless, as there might be slight changes in scheduled timetable, all teams are required to be at the partyplace at least two hours in advance. Teams not respecting this rule may be disqualified.

The grand final is going to be played on Saturday 25 at 7.00 pm (but again the foresaid rule will be applied and teams need to be in the party premises at least two hours in advance).


22.500 prize money distributed as follows:

*Money prizes will undergo due tax deduction*

1st Prize 12.000€
2nd Prize 6.000€
3rd Prize 3.000€
4th Prize 1.500€

Payment will be done before the end of year.


The list of participants:

    1. Norway Alchemists

    2. Portugal K1CK

    3. Spain x6tence

    4. Ukraine DTS.chatrix

    5. Germany ESC

    6. England Dignitas

    7. Portugal BUSSIFUORI.LP (Qualifier Portugal)

    8. Venezuela XIX (Qualifier Venezuela)
    9. Finland Crack Clan

  10. Spain LedPC

  11. Germany ALTERNATE

  12. France eSport-Eu

  13. Romania unreality.g1

  14. Singapore titaNs

  15. Poland Wicked

  16. Greece Delinquent Habits

  17. France emuLate

  18. Iceland Seven

  19. Norway Vitriolic Gaming

  20. Germany mousesports

  21. Russia Virtus-Pro

  22. Spain Unibet

  23. Spain overGame

  24. Poland Frag-eXecutors

  25. Poland BenQ DELTAeSPORTS

  26. Spain newliGht

  27. The Czech Republic nEophyte

  28. Germany TBH

  29. Spain emoTive

  30. France dRu

  31. Portugal phantoms

  32. France Millenium.CS