Euskal Enkounter 16

Organiza Fundación Euskaltel

2008 activities

Hack it


Rules for the hacking or system assault competition this year are the following:


1. It is not necessary to register to take part, you just need to pass the first level. On doing that you will get the link for next level.


2. So that the first 5 levels can be considered solved you must send an e-mail at passing the 5 the one explaining how you did so. The same applies for levels ranging from 6 to 10. From 11th on you will have to send a mail per level. These will be normal mails, i.e., without encoding. The address will be hackit admin. will answer by saying whether the description was correct or notalthough it won't be real time.


 3. Every now and then along the competition links for different levels will be made public in due order. If a level is unresolved at the end of the competition, it will be considered invalid.


4. The person or team who solves more levels before the end of the competition, excluding the invalid ones if there were any. Should there be more than one, the first one to have finished the last level will be the winner.


5.  You will be disqualified if you provide other users with clues.


6.  Every level can be solved without using physical strength against server, i.e., by using your brain. Should anyone use physical strength or dictionary attacks against the server, they will be immediately disqualified.


7. Attempts to damage other participants, service denial attacks, level destruction or modification, or attempts to get additional information from the server by physically getting to it, will be equally disqualified. The target is breaking the proposed levels and not the server itself. This is extemely important, so bear it in mind whenever launching an attack.

The challenge is therefore based on a series of levels which must be solved by using intelligence and techniques. You can take part even not aiming to win the contest and thus, you might avoid detailed explanations.


8. Taking part in this contes involves accepting all the previous conditions.