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Last update: Aug-31-2004

Game development competition


  1. Manic Miner by Weird Studio
  2. Buscaminas 3D by hysp
  3. Diamond Mine 3D by systembd

This competition uses Scene's general rules with the following additions. If there is any contradiction, the additional rules of this page prevail.


Game Development competition goal is to choose the best work in the computer game world. There are no platform constraints, as long as the platform:

  1. Is an electronic programable device.
  2. Can be 100% emulated on a PC.
  3. Corresponding emulator is delivered besides the work itself.

There neither is any constraint on programming language or tool, nor work's size. It is not restricted the use of existing game engines, so it is perfectly valid to present mods, level, skins, etc. although, obviously, those won't be evaluated the same way as works done starting from scratch (see below).

Although initially there aren't any subcategories, as this is the first year we held this compo, we could create subcategories as needed if there are entries enough.

Evaluation method

A jury will be chosen using a method that has not been decided yet. That jury will evaluate presented works using the following criteria, ordered from most important to less:

  • Required amount of work and technical quality
  • Entertainment offered
  • Originality

Presentation of an entry to the competition implies that the author accepts all competition rules and jury's decision. Author(s) must be available to reply jury's questions, if there is any, while jury is looking at the entries.

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