We will have a Party Network useable by all the computers that have a net card with RJ45 connector. Every table of 16 computers will have a hub that will offer 15 connections. The 16th will be used to cascade connect all them. We discarded the idea of using coaxial cable, due to the problems we had in past editions. It's supposed the good use of all the stuff supplied by Euskaltel (HUBs, wires, etc.).

The net is for us, this means that its use depends on the good working of it. The organization couldn't and don't want to control the net from bad using of it (saturation with WinNukes, ICMP, bombs, Mail bombs, Hacking, etc, etc). It depends on all us that the users behave correctly.


This year LAN's configuration is going to be a bit differnt from the last year's one. We'll have a main switch, that probably will be a Cisco 5500 with two card of 24 ports of 10/100, so we'll have 48 ports in total. Those ports will be connected to the hub of each table, as well as to the three game servers, the WWW server, the RealAudio/Video server, ... If you'd like to look at a diagram of the net, you can do so here. Additionally, this year we'll have two webcams and a RealAudio and RealVideo server, so it would be posible to see what happens in the party through Internet.


This year we'll have a DHCP server that will allow us to config our computers easier. If you'd like to see how a Windows 95/98 machine should be configured, you do it here. Also, last year we were aware that there were about 200 workgroups, so this year we ask you to join to a unique group called EUSKALPARTY The creation of so many workgroups collapses the net due to its broadcasts, so if you'd like the net to work properly, we recomend you to do what we say. It's remarkable that creating a hown workgroup doesn't give a higher security, as this security is done in a PC level, and no in a group level.


Euskaltel, the new Euskadi global telecommunications operator, will supply all the hardware and the installation required to allow the Internet access at the Party. We will have a bandwidth proportional to the number of connected computers, and also a cache proxy server and a firewall. It's only allowed the external access through the port 80 (World Wide Web).

We will count also with a local WWW Party server, continuously notifying about all the outstanding Party events (timetables, votings, results, etc.).

Keep in mind that this is a Party, not a hacking competition. We can't avoid that anybody try to sabotage in any way the net, but remind that the first affected are you. Anyway, if anybody is discovered trying to use the net or any of the servers incorrectly, will be kicked out of the Party.


This year we will have a dedicated server to allow the upload of the productions directly to the organization, avoiding the annoying disks. Of course, they will be valid yet.

We expect to have a Pentium II at 400MHz with 128MB of RAM and a 2GB SCSI hard disk under Windows NT 4.0 (or possibly Linux). We hope this will be sufficient to manage the estimated net traffic.

The productions will be sent throught FTP. An account will be created for every group that present a DEMO, and an account for every one of the rest of compos. The last will have only write permission, so to correct mistakes you must contact with the organization. Instead, the DEMO accounts will have full access, so every group has the responsability of its use, reserving the organization its right to take the control in case of bad use of it.

The productions must be sent compressed in ZIP, fulfilling the space limitations of each competition (See compo rules)

Every production must have a FILE_ID.DIZ file with the next format:

Ticket Number: xxx
Competition: xxxxxxx
Production: xxxxxxxx
Author: xxxxxxx
Group: xxxxxxx
Commments: (Format, what program to use to see it, technical specs for demos etc.):xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Every production that doesn't contain this file will be disqualified.

Immedately after the compo results, all the productions will be put on the net server to be downloaded by the assistants, independently of the Beta "state" of them.