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Euskal Enkounter 15

2007 activities

Scene jury

In the present edition we have decided to put forward a new jury system which aimis to achieve objectiveness in decisions.

Therefore, from this year on we will rely on the help provided by historic groups in the Spanish Scene. Every year we shall invite a whole scener group, so that it is them, deep knowers of the areas they are, who judge the works presented for competitions.

This system’s main advantage is that jury members are no longer active and thus they do not present any work for competition, which means their objectiveness remains untouched. On the other hand, the jury can be completed with people from the event organisation should this be considered necessary.

Owing to the unrinsable objectiveness this jury system guarantees, their decisions will not in any case be apealed.

With the aim of pushing those competition categories most wanted by participants, every category will have to have at least 5 productions of enough quality so that it shall be accepted again in future editions.

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