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Euskal Enkounter 15

2007 activities

3D Graphic

Maximum resolution: 1024x768.

Maximum colors: 24 bits.

Allowed formats: PNG and JPEG.

Only one graphic per author is allowed.

Besides the final graphic, the author must present the wireframe (.3DS, .MAX, etc.), wireframe screenshot and the final render. If a production does not fulfill this, it will be automatically disqualified. It is allowed to present the steps and wireframe compressed in a file (ZIP or TGZ).

To show it in the bigscreen, first we'll show the wireframe and then the final render.

Pictures based on, or that are suspected to be based on a scan or digitalization won't be allowed. Neither will be photos nor photocompositions.


1st prize 500€
2nd prize 250€
3rd prize 125€

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Futher information

How to hand in works
Scene jury
128 places for Sceners

So that Sceners presence in this event will be relevant, they will be located near the main screen beside other Scene members Ask for a place in this area.

Lisence for work presentation

Work presentation will be made under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license. No matter the author points any other license or none.

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