The money prizes for this edition of the Euskal Party have been set
to those values: (note: 1 euro = 166,386 ptas.)

Demo Compo
1st Prize 100.000 ptas
2nd Prize 50.000 ptas
3rd Prize 25.000 ptas
Intros & Wild Compo
1st Prize 50.000 ptas
2nd Prize 25.000 ptas
3rd Prize 10.000 ptas
Intros 4kb, Graphics 2D, Graphics 3D, Modules, Multichannel & High Quality Compo
1st Prize 30.000 ptas
2nd Prize 15.000 ptas
3rd Prize 7.000 ptas
Fast 2d & Fast Music Compo
1st Prize 10.000 ptas
1st Prize 15.000 ptas
2nd Prize 10.000 ptas
3rd Prize 5.000 ptas
Total Prizes
Demos 350.000 ptas
Intros 170.000 ptas
Individual compos 364.000 ptas
Wild 85.000 ptas
Fast 30.000 ptas
Games 90.000 ptas

We remind you, that besides those prizes in money, the winners will
receive different type of software, magazines, ... supplied by the
Euskal sponsors.