Finally, you can download de compo productions. We are very sorry for the big delay, but there was a small missunderstanding inside the organization and the productions have been on the server for a long time without any link.We promise to do better this year! 8-)

Canal C:, broadcasted by Canal Satelite Digital, is airing a special show about Euskal Party 7. You can get the day and hours here.


Party's final results finally available. We'll try to put on-line the productions as soon as possible, meanwhile you can download them from SP Demoscene.


Dinamic's conference has been delayed until Saturday, 13:00.


A new version of the invitation intro has been released. It's new features include support for galician in the invtro as well as in the info file. Additionally, some changes have been made here and there. You can download the entire new version, as well as the upgrade from the main page.


The compo machine's page has been updated.

The PC compo machine's cards will be courtesy of Creative.


An additional row of tables has been added (rows -1 and 0) due to the high amount of requests, so that we'll have 50 computer places more than before.

In order to look at people's place in the map, follow this link and download the Excel file. In that file there are NOT the names of those who have reserved place but don't bring a computer.

THE ENROLMENT FINISHES SATURDAY 17TH, AT 19:00. After that hour it won't be possible to do any more reserve and the tickets would have to be bought at the partyplace.

For any question or change, you can also call by phone to 630 - 556 896 from 16:00 to 18:00 and from 22:00 to 23:00 (from Monday to Friday) and ask for Olatz Zabaleta.

The net info has been also updated.


Finally, the english version of this web is available. We're sorry about this long delay. Please, report all mistakes you find to, thanks.

The Invitation Intro is available.