El The Donostia Council has rented us the place and all the necessary stuff to make the Party. We expect that everyone will have in mind the importance of leave all the stuff as when we found it.

The place will remain opened 24 hours a day, allowing us to go in and out whenever we like, even at night. Every time we want to enter, we must show the ticket to the doorman. Have in mind that it's not allowed to make too much noise in the Party Place at night.

Also isn't allowed to smoke or to drink any alcohol drink in the Party Place. To do so you must go to the Bar in the same Party Place but separated from the computer zone.

We can't control that everybody behave correctly and respectful to the rest of the people, but we think that this should be the natural actuation of everyone of us.

We expect that appart from the problems of the organization of such type of events, we won't have any added problem due to the assistants bad behaviour, not accounting that if anything is broken, or there is too much noise or bad behaviour in general, is possible that the Donostia Council doesn't allow us to end the Party and of course doesn't allow to organize the Party never more.

We will not doubt anytime to throw out anybody if required and to make pay the damage done, or in extreme circumstances, to call the Police. To get all under control, we will count with a security team.

During the replay of the presented works in the party, IT WILL BE FORBIDDEN TO MAKE ANY NOISE, SOUND o MUSIC THAT COULD BOTHER THE AUDIENCE. In case of repeatly breaking this rule, the organization keeps its right for making the author of the noise to stop it, and even to expel him from the party.

As you know, piracy is a crime, so we ask for the assistants to refrain from bring pirate copies of commercial programs.

The unique type of sofware you could copy at the Party will be the work done by every group or independent people, and the Freeware or Shareware software