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Euskal Chef

You might think you are a great chef because you made yourself a simple ham sandwich… Or you are one of those people who use caterers...

Well, for those of you who enjoy eating and also cooking, we have come up with this contest, EUSKAL CHEF! Friday at midnight in front of the stage. You can register from Friday at 12:00. There are only 10 double places!

We want to see if you are able to just use the “four” ingredients provided. And you can’t use your own tools. You will have 45 minutes to prepare two identical pintxos and plate up. The main ingredient of the dish will not be announced until the start of the programme.

A select jury will taste your creations and the winners will be chosen Sunday morning, who are sure to be worthy of the Euskal Encounter ‘Mantala’. Find a good kitchen helper and sign up on the Intranet

The age-old recipe of the winning dish will then be published so you can enjoy it at home.



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