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Catch the Wave

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Catch the Wave

Sorry to go on, but…

Don’t deny it, you love Matías Prats.  So, this Euskal Encounter, once again in partnership with EuskaDigital, will be another chance for you to take him on.

This time, you will have to work on a geek newscast on what has happened in the party so far, to let the geek radio listeners know what is happening and everything they are missing out on.  The only restriction is that the commercial must not last more than two minutes.

And you will need to take a team photo for a great screen background while the entries are being screened.

You will need to upload your recordings to the Intranet before 9.00 p.m. on  the Sunday. MP3 or WAV format.

Do not forget to include your name or nickname and seat at the party. The videos will be screened on Sunday night. The Organisers reserve the right not to screen those productions whose contents are offensive (specifically, ours) or are deemed to be inappropriate.




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