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3D Printers Farm

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3D Printers Farm by BQ

This year, you can let your imagination fly and turn it into reality at the Witbox 3D printer farm that BQ will set up in the Hardware zone.

The procedure is very easy and won't take long to explain :)

1- Think of something you would like to print and find a model you like from the following sites:

2- Once you have decided, download it in .STL format and take the file on a pendrive to the BQ farm.

3- We will check your model, and depending on its size, complexity, etc… we will suggest a size for your model that is in line with 2 hours’ maximum printing time.

4- Depending on the availability of the 3D printers, we will allocated you a place in queue and tell you approximately when you can come for your item.  It's that easy :)

Or you can bring along your own 3D model, but remember it will have to be in .STL format.  That is very important!

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