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Digital Art Jury

In this section, we will tell you a bit about the members of the Digital Art jury.

Shanti Basauri

Cathleen Tarawhiti

Iñigo Maestro

Sergio Sánchez Isasi

Txuma Pérez



  • Shanti Basauri

Basque composer and guitarist, with a professional career of more than 20 years.

With more than a hundred recorded works - from a symphony (1991) to songs for rock and folk groups - his professional work has focused on soundtracks and collaborations with companies such as Hortzmuga, Aukeran, Innevento, Larrua, Kukai etc. and audiovisual media (short films, television adverts, animation).

As a composer and musical director, he has been involved in countless large-scale shows, such as the 10th Anniversary of the Euskalduna Conference Centre, the inaugurations of the Metro Bilbao train lines and Kultur Leioa, international conferences such as EFEF or FITUR, campaigns for IMQ, the Joan Miró Foundation and the BBVA and symbolic productions for the Aste Nagusia festivities of Bilbao and performance challenges of all types, with a special focus on contemporary and folk music. He has been nominated for the Premios Max on three occasions (2008, 2009 and 2010).

His work has led him to perform in festivals and concerts of varying scope throughout the Basque Country, Poland, Germany, Holland, Japan, France, Italy and Scotland. As a great connoisseur of Japanese culture, maintains an immersion and cultural exchange with Japan, visiting that country annually and collaborating in concerts and jam-sessions as a guest. Has been a lecturer in Sound and Music Informatics at the IMVAL School of Film in Bilbao and at present is lecturer in modern music at the Conservatorio de Gernika. 

As a photographer, he manages his own monographic archive on Japan, in a project that collects prints from the four main islands and which keeps on growing year by year.

As a collector of Star Wars paraphernalia, he has taken part in a number of seminars and conferences on the fantasy saga and his passion for literature has led him to write and collaborate in magazines such as "Nuevas Tertulias", "Artez" and "El Correo".

- Shanti Basauri musikagilearen "5.1" lana, B.E.C.-eko areto nagusian. (2009)

Piece  composed by Shanti Basauri for the tenth anniversary of the Euskalduna Conference Centre in Bilbao 




  • Cathleen Tarawhiti (Hamilton, New Zealand)

Photographer and digital artist from New Zealand working on book covers, client portraiture, model portfolios, and stock photography for artists to paint, draw or use as pose references for their portfolios.




  • Iñigo Maestro 

In my eagerness to explore all of the arts possible, I have had the opportunity to travel through different environments, such as cinema, the theatre, advertising, graphic arts and the world of short film. This has allowed me to deal with various tasks, including those of creative director, producer, illustrator, graphic designer, layout designer, 2D and 3D animator, video composer, artistic director, photographerscreenwriter, etc.

Between 1999 and 2002, I formed a production company called Orein Arts with various associates, in which I worked as a 3D animator, illustrator, graphic designer and developer of interactive applications.

After three years of of this venture, I alternated between being a freelancer and a worker at several companies in the audiovisual sector, forming part of the staff of IMVAL CREATIVE (2003-2014), Kultur-Lan (2004) and Baleuko (2005 - 2006).

Currently I am part of the team at the production company Somuga, immersed in the production of two feature films and one serie, all 3D animation, combining the work of modelling, texturing, lighting and rendering.

Some of the most notable projects in which I have been involved are: the feature films; "Olentzero y el Tronco Mágico"(2005) and "Betizu y el Misterio de Xangadu" (2006) ; the audiovisuals: Historias de las TIC (2010) ; Simulador del faro de Lekeitio (2008) ; the plays: "La Espera" (2010) ; "Libertia" (2011) ; "No lo contaron como yo lo ví" (2012) and the creation of La familia Krunch (2007).

Several of my illustration works have been published in national and international books, the titles of which are: "Sonetos como sueños" (2011), "S Artbook" (2012); "Infected by Art: Volume One" (2013); "Espejos en el Aire" (2013); "Infected by Art: Volume Two" (2014) and the roleplaying game "ZOMBIE: All Flesh Must be Eaten" (2014) for which I did the cover, several illustrations and all of the design and layout of the book.

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  • Sergio Sánchez Isasi (Bilbao, 1976)

He is a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the UPV/EHU (1999), where he specialised in audiovisual presentations and photography.

A lover of computing, art and new technologies, he has also studied courses on programming and networks (PHP, ASP, C++…) and other such as Preparation of camera-ready art, Planning editorial product, Make-up and FX; totalling more than 1,000 hours.

In 2004, he founded his studio – SIARTE –  and since then he has not stopped working for various clients, undertaking designs and illustrations of all types.

Since the end of 2011, he has complemented his graphic design work with editing books – SIARTE EDICIONES – coordinating projects related to various fields such as poetry, comics, "sketch-books" and stories.

He previously worked at OREIN ARTS as head of the web and video editing department and, in k-2000, also in the web department.

He has also given short courses on drawing, comics and photography at the Colegio Vera-Cruz and the Otxarkoaga Civic Centre.

In addition, he has experience as the director of short films.


  • Txuma Pérez (Bilbao, 1976)

Licenciado en Bellas Artes, especialidad en fotografía y audiovisuales. Beca Erasmus cursada en Winchester School of Art.

Formación complementaria en diseño 2D, 3D y programación.

Compagina su labor artística con el trabajo como fotógrafo comercial y profesor.

Mitad del proyecto audiovisual Twobaskos (

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