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Go back to what I said above. It seems very "easy" to make art, digitally speaking, but… What if you had to use all of your digits, in the more literal sense, to make paper models? Would you still be the best?

Serve yourself from the material table in the Other Activities section, and don't be afraid to sit down at one of the tables. This year, we have put together a good area to work in which will also operate as an exhibition of your work. There is not limit to the size of the figures. Only one work will be admitted per person.

Figures will be exhibited throughout the entire party. The winner will be chosen by a distinguished jury made up of the most expert orgs educated at the best schools in the land of the rising sun.

On the last day, the winner will be able to keep their creation intact, destroy the rest and gloat in front of their creators.

NOTE: While stocks last.

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