Idol Academy

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Idol Academy

Would you like to become an Idol for a weekend? Well, it is all a question of practice. And that is what we offer you at the academy.

Our beautiful teachers, Hana and Paula, will help you with the dance. Follow the link to the video so that you can practice at home, do not panic, we will begin with something simple.

T-Ara / Roly Poly


Of course, we must also look an Idol, right? Because for that we have another pair of experienced hands, eLe, that will leave you nicely dressed. Bring the best finery, wigs and make-up that you have at hand (we also take a lot of little things). The theme being the 70s.

Your debut as a group will be the opening number of the famous Euskal Factor program. This, the 3rd instalment, will be recorded at the party on Saturday night on the stage.

Trials on Friday and Saturday at 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. respectively, with the meeting point being the stage.

From here to stardom!

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