Fast Tale

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Fast Tale

There’s no need to be a scener to demonstrate your creative talents: grab a pencil and paper, because it’s time to write! And write fast.

Come to the Other Activities area on Thursday 20:00. We will give you some guidelines to prepare a short text – minimum 6 lines, maximum 35 – in a limited time: 90 minutes. Amongst these guidelines we will give you a theme, or some words you have to include in your text, or an image as a starting point for the tale… The most important thing is your originality and creativity, with short stories that move us, make us laugh or surprise us.

Upload your results to the Intranet before 21:30 pm.

Remember: the Word spellchecker is your friend! Leave SMS language for your mobile and write!

Do not forget to include your name or nickname and seat at the party.

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