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This consists of constructing a machine from scratch or starting from something that in principle is not a PC box. There are no limits in terms of size or materials used to build the PC.


  1. Only those with the accreditation of Euskal Encounter participants will be able to participate.
  2. Registration will be carried out via the Euskal Encounter intranet.
  3. A number of characteristics will be evaluated from 0 to 10 with one decimal point, with the final score being the sum of the points obtained for each of these characteristics.
  4. Each characteristic will be evaluated based on the work or modifications carried out and not simply for incorporating purchased components, e.g. a graphics card that comes from factory already with passive cooling will not score in the "Passive cooling" section. The same happens in the case of raw materials; they are scored based on the work carried out and not simply for using a specific material.
  5. The ratings will be carried out by the organisation.
  6. If the mod has already been submitted before at one of the "encounters" and has remained on the podium, 10 points will be subtracted from the overall score.
  7. The mod may not be submitted the following year if it has been on the podium at some encounter.
  8. The characteristics to be evaluated can be scored in three different ways, depending on the characteristic:

    Positives: This is what is used in the majority of the aspects to be evaluated with a value from 0 to 10, which is always added.

    Negatives: These are used for assessable aspects where it is understood that they should have an optimum status and their value is from 0 to -10, which is always subtracted.
    For example "cleaning" : it is normal for it to be clean, so if is dirty it will start to score negatively.

    Symmetricals: These are scores which, starting from 0, may have a positive or negative value based on the evaluation, with a value from -10 to 10.

    When entering symmetrical scores, quality work is preferred since very bad work in any section will not only fail to score, but points may even be deducted.

    The characteristics to be evaluated and their scoring types are:

    Originality Cleaning Finish
    Worklog Operation of components Air cooling
    Lighting   Liquid cooling
    Electronics   Extreme cooling
    Methacrylate work   Painting work
    Metal work   Cable management
    Work using other materials   Overall integration and aesthetics
        Integration of other components
  9. You can participate individually or in teams, but in an exclusive manner. Therefore, members of a participating group may not participate individually and a group may not participate if one of its members is already participating. Participating teams will have to inform the organisation of the names of the group members.
  10. Participants must be present during the scoring phase to answer any questions that the jury may have.
  11. Each participant must be accredited in the Hardware Zone and submit the necessary information to the members of the Hardware organisation.
  12. If there are any doubts on the application of the regulations, the Hardware organisation will decide on this application.
  13. Any breach of any of the rules will lead to the disqualification of the participant, as well as any cheating in terms of participation or authorship of the work involved. Depending on the seriousness of the breach, other measures may be taken.
  14. All entrants agree to the conditions and rules of the CASECON competition.
  15. Si el mod se ha presentado con anterioridad en alguna de las encounters y ha quedado en el podio, se restarán 10 puntos al cómputo global.
  16. No se podrá presentar al año siguiente el mod si ha subido al podio en alguna encounter.


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