ArduPrintBot workshop

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ArduPrintBot workshop

"Printbots" are printable free robots. This implies that there is an open-source community that shares designs and anyone can manufacture them using a home 3D printer. These robots are used on many occasions to develop complete, simple, low-cost educational projects.


In this workshop organised by HIRIKILABS Tabakalera for the EK23, we manufacture different models and parts with the aim of discovering the recreational and educational possibilities emanating from this community. We will also provide a brief introduction to 3D manufacturing technology and the different platforms and repositories where information can be found to be able to develop the project.


We will build two PrintBot robot models, both educational, open-source and printable, whose construction information and use are available so that anyone can study, copy, modify and manufacture them. In addition, it has been designed exclusively using free software: Operating system GNU-Linux, OpenScad and Freecad. This ensures that you can make derivative designs without having to pay for any kind of licence or make illegal copies of proprietary software.


After printing the robots, we will give them intelligence by integrating a motorisation and sensor system under the Arduino platform, a free electronic board that allows us to create software and hardware projects which are 100% free.


During Thursday morning, we will work with participants to build two models in two work teams and then compete on a maze. There will also be a few surprises and gifts for attendees.


Programme - Friday 24 (from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m)

  • Presentation of the components and other DIY projects (15 min.)
  • Introduction to 3D printing with open-source 3D printing hardware (30 min.)
  • Introduction to Arduino: sensors and actuators. (1 hour)
  • Assembly of the hardware of the robots (30 min.)
  • Open-source programming of computers on the Arduino platform (1 hour)
  • Testing robots in the maze and feedback on software (45 min.)




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