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6,700 participants, 3 million GB of shared data and plans to grow

A total of 6,700 people have taken part in the 23rd edition of Euskal Encounter. Apart from the 4,096 participants with a place to set up their computer, more than 2,600 visitors have been to the party with visitor passes. The available seats were sold out in six minutes and, after this year's “clear success”, the party organisers have admitted the possibility of increasing the number of seats for the next edition to try to meet the high demand.

As an example of the great transit of information that has traveled through the party these four days, the traffic data shared by the participants has surpassed the 3 million GB of information. At a connection speed of 40 gbps, that makes Euskal Encounter one of the fastest LAN parties in the world, a total of 5,200 different devices have been connected to the network.

This computer party, organised and sponsored by Euskaltel Konekta with the contribution of the Basque Government, through SPRI, and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, has hosted 52 workshops and conferences and 73 competitions in areas such as digital art, free software, hardware and gaming for four intense days.

 Sabino San Vicente, representative of Euskaltel Konekta Foundation and the party organiser,has made a very positive assessment of the event. He has affirmed to be “very happy and proud” and has underlined “the collective success of a party that is only possible thanks to a great team work”. San Vicente has also thanked the 6,700 visitors and participants for their loyalty and good behaviour. One more year, “they have showed their civility and willingness to cooperate”.

 In view of next edition, he has admitted the possibility of increasing the number of seats available for the participants, taking into account that they sold out sooner each year. “We are looking for a way to offer more seats and we are optimistic”, has announced San Vicente.

De cara al próximo año, ha admitido que están ya estudiando la posibilidad de ampliar el número de puestos, ya que los 4.096 que se han ofertado en las últimas ediciones cada vez se agotan antes. "Estamos estudiando fórmulas para que el próximo año podamos ofertar más puestos de ordenador, y somos optimistas", ha anunciado San Vicente.

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